The Spanish jewellery brand Tous (pronounced Toes) is an institution throughout Europe.

Each new addition is still designed and created directly with the Tous family

Founded in 1920 by a watchmaker, the affordable, luxury, fine jewellery brand is known for its fun, youthful spirit and iconic teddy bear motif. Family-run to this day the business has spanned three generations and evolved from jewellery into an accessories empire including handbags, sunglasses and fragrance.

In 2002 Tous joined Spanish company Perfumes y Diseño (or, PYD) to see their fragrances brought to life . Since then, this collaboration has seen an impressive 18 difference scents brought to the shelves of over 80 countries worldwide.

Each new addition is still designed and created directly with the Tous family, with each closely aligned and inspired by a collection from the jewellery range.

Adding to this, they all sit within five separate categories: sophisticated, premium, classic, moments and kids, with each catering to a different audience, taste and sensibility.

Spanning every olfactory family from woods to citrus and fruity-florals, there is quite literally a Tous fragrance to suit every nose.

2018 saw the Tous brand enter a new chapter as we welcomed it into our Core Metrics portfolio alongside fellow PYD brand, Desigual.

This exclusive distribution partnership will see us take control of the Tous fragrance arm in Australia and continue to grow it within our home market. As a proudly family-run business, representing a successful family business such as this is a great honour, and we are excited to see it flourish within Australia.

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