Ray Desancic

Founder and CEO, Ray Desancic has been the driving force behind Core Metrics since its inception. Launching the company in 1996, it was originally founded as TI Cosmetics – in honour of Ray and Sally’s twin daughters, Tijana and Ivana. This in itself personifies the Core Metrics ethos; with it being a proud family owned and operated business from the very beginning.

With a background in engineering Ray operated his own small businesses for years, bringing his analytical, forward-thinking business acumen to the company. This combined with a finance and strategic planning skillset helped him grow the company from a small outfit run from the family rumpus room, to a brand portfolio that is internationally recognised and distributed.

Today, Ray is responsible for operations, finance, IP and manufacturing. With a desire to leave a healthy business behind for the following generations of Desancic’s, his proudest career moments have been those entwined with family: his wife, Sally, joining the business full time; her push to open the fragrance distribution arm; and the contributions both of his daughters make to the business.

Family unity and our ability to make such good quality family products at reasonable pricing is what makes me proud of the Core Metrics brand.

His open-mindedness to learning from those with similar businesses and experiences is what allows him to continually have an edge in the market, and his vision for Core Metrics is always focussed on that learning, and the growth that comes from it.

For Ray, the most satisfying part of his role is the ability to make great quality, family products at affordable pricing, and to see their success in competitive international markets such as China. This is precisely where he sees the business expanding in the coming years; with more global distribution, a larger range of fragrance distribution, and of course, more original products created by, and for, families.

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