• Women’secret EAU MY DELICE Eau de Toilette 100 ml

    Eau My Délice is a fruit elixir that represents the pure coolness of life. An optimistic & feminine fragrance with exotic juicy notes
  • Women’secret EAU MY SECRET Eau de Toilette 100 mL

    Eau my Secret is inspired by the freshness of a bucolic oriental garden. The orange blossom exhales the soft breeze combined with its
  • Women’secret Sweet Temptations Apple 40ml Eau de Toilette

    Enjoy the delicious scent of apple combined with mint & cucumber. Rose and Musk add a feminine touch.
  • Women’secret Sweet Temptations Berry EDT 40ml

    Irresistible ingredients are born that bring us joy, femininity and illusion. Oriental Fruity Fragrance with notes of Lychee, Blackcurrant and Iris.
  • Women’secret Sweet Temptations Candy 40ml Eau de Toilette

    Candy Temptation: For an authentic Sweet Temptation, experience the sweetness of irresistible candy floss. Candy combines raspberry & blackcurrant with floral notes, leading
  • Women’secret Sweet Temptations Cherry 40ml Eau de Toilette

    Cherry Temptation: Dare to discover a sensual and addictive cherry, combined with a touch of rose and peach at the heart of the
  • Women’secret Sweet Temptations Coconut EDT 40ml

    A cocktail of tropical fruits and pineapple that takes us to an idyllic paradise. Flowers such as jasmine and tuberose envelop the fragrance,