Though you’d be forgiven for thinking Labeau is a heritage French perfumery, it is actually a Spanish brand focussing on uncomplicated, beautifully-made fragrances.

The highest quality raw ingredients and the freshness of their scents.

The name breaks down simply: Lab for laboratory, Eau for water and Beau for beauty, marrying together the brand’s two visions: finely crafted, evocative perfumery and the clean, effectiveness of a laboratory that makes you feel like anything is possible.

Labeau takes a minimalistic, pure approach to scent. Rather than complex olfactory journeys, it focusses on singular floral fragrances, building in complementary notes to balance and round out the scent.

The result is fresh, elegant florals that smell just like a bouquet of your favourite blooms. Which is exactly what Labeau prides themselves on – the highest quality raw ingredients and the freshness of their scents.

There are six fragrance offerings in the Labeau family: L’eau d’ Organger; L’eau de thé vert (Green Tea); L’eau de Jasmin; L’eau d’ Iris; L’eau Muguet (Lily of the Valley) and L’eau de Rose.

And, although they had humble retail beginnings in Spanish pharmacies, these elegant scents will soon be seen across the globe.

Owned by the Spanish company, Tailored Perfumes, exclusive Australian distribution was given to Core Metrics in 2019.

Already earmarked for national retail distribution, we expect this brand to perform well in the Australian market as the interest and excitement in niche fragrances continues to grow.

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