Barcelona-born fashion brand Desigual is as synonymous with Spain as churros and tapas. Translating to “asymmetrical” in English, it’s no surprise that the brand prides itself on its individuality, free-spiritedness and “daring to be different”.

Inspired by the mediterranean, Barcelona, sun, light and the will the live

They love to challenge convention and their ethos has always been one of authenticity, equality and diversity. Created in 1984 by Thomas Meyer, they opened their first store in 1986 and the have been a mainstay in European fashion ever since.

However, the Desigual brand is not just about clothing. Their portfolio spans men’s, women’s, children, accessories, handbags, footwear, bed, bath and fragrance – all designed with the distinctive Desigual flair. Inspired by the mediterranean, Barcelona, sun, light and the will the live, each piece is colourful, fun and vibrant.

Perfumes y Diseño (PYD) took over the creation of the brands fragrances in 2015, and launched their first fragrances Sex, Fun and Love in the same year. The collection has now expanded to include a total of 16 scents, including three men’s and five unisex fragrances in keeping with their inclusive ideology.

In 2018, PYD chose Core Metrics as their exclusive Australian distributor. Adding to our rapidly growing distribution arm, this partnership will see us work together to bring the Desigual brand to life on our shores, and give the Australian audience a taste of that iconic Barcelona energy.

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