Intimate apparel brand, Women’s Secret is highly regarded across Europe as a label that designs – and creates – pieces for the modern woman. Offering underwear, swimwear, sleepwear and accessories, their ethos is all about making life simpler, but also more fun. Created in 1993, the company is based in Spain but had global reach with over 652 stores across 61 countries. Their universal appeal is thanks to their unique ability to combine modern, feminine and luxurious pieces, at an affordable price point.

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It is this sensibility that has also seen the success of their eponymous fragrance line. Owned by the Spanish company, Tailored Perfumes, the line of XXX scents manages to transcend trends, and appeal to all women for all occasions. In 2018 Tailored Perfumes handed exclusive Australian distribution over to Core Metrics. This marked the beginning of a new chapter for our company, as this was the first brand we welcomed into our new distribution arm. The subtlety, femininity and affordability of the Women’s Secret brand appealed not only to us as a company, but to the Australian retail market. Filling the gap for an elegant, classically feminine fragrance that was neither high end nor celebrity, it immediately excited many retailers who have taken the brand on to stock in stores nationally.

  • Women’secret Body Mist Dolce Vita 250ml

    Dolce Vita emphasises femininity and gives the body a fresh feel with the citrus notes, iris, vetiver as well as the lightness of
  • Women’secret Body Mist EXOTIC 250mL

    A unique and delightful fragrance for summer, Beach Please Exotic Body Mist features fruity notes of peach and pineapple, combined with jasmine, rose,
  • Women’secret Body Mist Exotic Love 250ml

    Exotic Love emphasis femininity and gives the body a fresh feel with the fruity and sweet notes of peach, raspberry and coconut.
  • Women’secret Body Mist Kiss Moments 250ml

    Kiss Moments emphasises femininity and gives the body a fresh feel which is captured in a bottle full of raspberry, jasmine and vanilla
  • Women’secret Body Mist OASIS 250mL

    With a cocktail of citrus notes and mint combined with aromatic herbs, wood and musk, Beach Please Oasis Body Mist is a scent
  • Women’secret Body Mist PARADISE 250mL

    Beach Please Paradise Body Mist combines energetic notes of orange, mango and pineapple with jasmine, coconut, pina colada and musk to create the
  • Women’secret Body Mist Tropical dream 250ml

    Tropical dream emphasises femininity in a bottle dominated by the fruity sweet notes of mango, pineapple and coconut.
  • Women’secret EAU IT’S FRESH Eau de Toilette 100 ml

    Eau It’s Fresh represents Spring. This fragrance evokes a woman on a bright & sunny day, where colourful blossoms are the focus of
  • Women’secret EAU MY DELICE Eau de Toilette 100 ml

    Eau My Délice is a fruit elixir that represents the pure coolness of life. An optimistic & feminine fragrance with exotic juicy notes
  • Women’secret EAU MY SECRET Eau de Toilette 100 mL

    Eau my Secret is inspired by the freshness of a bucolic oriental garden. The orange blossom exhales the soft breeze combined with its
  • Women’secret Sweet Temptations Apple 40ml Eau de Toilette

    Enjoy the delicious scent of apple combined with mint & cucumber. Rose and Musk add a feminine touch.
  • Women’secret Sweet Temptations Berry EDT 40ml

    Irresistible ingredients are born that bring us joy, femininity and illusion. Oriental Fruity Fragrance with notes of Lychee, Blackcurrant and Iris.
  • Women’secret Sweet Temptations Candy 40ml Eau de Toilette

    Candy Temptation: For an authentic Sweet Temptation, experience the sweetness of irresistible candy floss. Candy combines raspberry & blackcurrant with floral notes, leading
  • Women’secret Sweet Temptations Cherry 40ml Eau de Toilette

    Cherry Temptation: Dare to discover a sensual and addictive cherry, combined with a touch of rose and peach at the heart of the
  • Women’secret Sweet Temptations Coconut EDT 40ml

    A cocktail of tropical fruits and pineapple that takes us to an idyllic paradise. Flowers such as jasmine and tuberose envelop the fragrance,