The Bronzer

First launched over two decades ago, The Bronzer pioneered wash-off instant tan in Australia. Securing itself a devoted following for its simple, high quality formulation, it is paraben-free and contains many natural ingredients to deliver a realistic bronzed colour and streak-free application. With a formulation and RRP that has remained unchanged since launch, its year-on-year growth is testament to the high-quality, fuss-free product and dedicated customer base that have remained loyal to the product since the beginning.

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The inaugural product in the Core Metrics portfolio, The Bronzer was launched in 1999, after two years in development. Entering the market when self-tanning was in its infancy, The Bronzer pioneered the now famous wash-off fake tan in Australia.

The product was the brainchild of Sally Desancic, who after years of working with large corporate beauty organisations (such as Clarins and Estee Lauder), left to pursue her dream of creating her own skincare brands. Using her vast knowledge of the beauty industry, Sally honed in on a clear gap in the Australian market for a self tan product that was new, innovative and affordable.

The simplicity and quality of this product is what makes it so unique, with a truly devoted following who have been using it since its inception. The formula contains no parabens and is enriched with many natural ingredients so as to optimise skin hydration, which is the key to flawless, streak-free application. In addition, the same formula has been used since launch –  a testament to the quality and and timelessness of this product.

The range consists of only four core products: a wash-off instant tan, a wash-off instant tan with shimmer, a gradual tan and a self tan. True to its authenticity we have not saturated the market with unnecessary colour or consistency options, instead championing the formulas that work, at the same RRP that it was at launch some 20 years ago. In a testament to the product quality, The Bronzer range continues to grow year on year, expanding its client base through sheer love, word of mouth recommendations and unending customer loyalty.

  • The Bronzer Instant Tan

    The Bronzer Instant Tan is a fast-absorbing gel formula that lasts for up to 24 hours and washes off with water when no longer wanted.
  • The Bronzer Instant Tan With SHIMMER

    The Bronzer Instant Tan with Shimmer is a fast absorbing gel formula that lasts for up to 24 hours and washes off with
  • The Bronzer Self Tan

    The Bronzer Self Tan is a luminous cream enriched with vitamins A and E, shea butter, coconut oil and green tea extract. It’s