The Goat Skincare range was first developed in response to the needs of our founders, the Desancic family. Looking for a natural, gentle product to help soothe their daughter’s sensitive, eczema-prone skin, they turned to a traditional family remedy: Goat’s milk. This pure, natural ingredient became the hero of every product, and the range is the only therapeutic line in the Core Metrics portfolio that specifically targets sensitive and troubled skin. Most importantly for this brand, it is gentle enough for the whole family to use – which is the cornerstone of every The Goat Skincare product.

Millions of our trusty soap bars are sold worldwide each year.

Launching with the original goat’s milk soap bar in 2014, the range now boasts an impressive 22 products, including four in the baby goat skincare range, formulated specifically for babies.

With registration and distribution both online and in bricks and mortar stores across Asia, Europe, New Zealand and the us, the demand for the brand has grown so rapidly that a Chinese office was opened in 2018 to manage the country’s distribution.

This is in addition to national supermarket and pharmacy distribution in Australia, meaning the The Goat Skincare range can be found in family bathroom’s across the world. Despite this, and the vast product extensions, the original goat’s milk soap bar remains the most popular in the range will millions being sold across the globe each year.

Each product in The Goat and The Baby Goat Skincare range is developed with the family in mind – what their needs are, what products will simplify their lives, and if they be used by the whole family. All sku’s are free of parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrances and colourants, and use pure goat’s milk, ethically sourced in Victoria, Australia.

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