With a history that spans 225 years, 4711 is the epitome of a timeless fragrance. Often touted as the first Eau De Cologne, it was created by the German Wilhelm Muelhens who hailed from Cologne, and as legend would have it, lived in house number 4711.

Spanning 225 years, 4711 is the epitome of a timeless fragrance.

The exact composition of the scent was a closely guarded secret back then, and to this day it remains undisclosed – and unchanged. Similarly, the iconic hexagonal bottle has largely remained unaltered. Originally designed in 1820 by Peter Heinrich Molanus, at the time the flat-edged bottle shape (designed so for ease of transportation) was so groundbreaking that it is now referred to as the Molanus bottle. In keeping with this respect of tradition, the “new” logo of the scent was created in 1900, and has not been changed since.

What makes 4711 so unique is the delicate blend of high-quality ingredients, essential oils, and a conscious emphasis on the top note which is both light and vibrant. Comprising of citrus notes including bergamot, lemon and orange for a fresh, uplifting feel; lavender and rosemary for a calming effect and neroli at the base, it’s a perfectly balanced, harmonised scent that is ideal for everyday wear.

The fragrance family has since expanded to include the Acqua Colonia range – a collection of eight fragrances with ingredients selected for their mood-enhancing effects and rich contrasts-rich blends. These are joined by the Nouveau Cologne, a fruity “feel good” fragrance, and most recently, Remix – a summery, fresh interpretation of the original scent that reimagines lavender.

The brand is now owned by German personal care and fragrance manufacturers, Mäurer & Wirtz, who have given exclusive Australian distribution to Core Metrics. Welcoming 4711 into our portfolio in early 2019, this partnership marks the beginning of a new chapter for the company as our distribution arm continues to grow.

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